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Monday, June 15, 2009


Junk food is an informal term applied to some foods which are perceived to have little or no nutritional value, or to products with nutritional value but which also have ingredients considered unhealthy when regularly eaten, or to those considered unhealthy to consume at all. (

If ingredients make junk foods appealing, it is the same reason that makes them health hazardous too. The fat contents, barring a few manufacturers, have high cholesterol levels. Secondly, the sugar and sodium salts have their effects on health. High calorie content with sugar can lead to obesity. Cholesterol and salt are known to setoff blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases in a chain. Excessive salts can affect functioning of kidneys too.

So, most of our kids really like to eat junk food because
  • Their advertising (great attraction)
  • Taste (too sweet)
  • Colours and Cheerful
  • Packaging (useful animation or hero creator)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Eat Orange Fruit

Baby Eat Ice-Cream

Baby get the job

How To Make Sure Your Baby Safe To Walk

How to make sure your baby safe to walk (refer

* Remove low tables with sharp corners that are hard to cover well enough to prevent injury. (Lacerations above or at the eyebrows are so common among kids learning to walk that in hospital emergency rooms they're called coffee-table lacerations!)

* Put away furniture that topples easily.

* Scour your home for trailing cords or other items your child might trip on. Put away throw rugs, retack loose carpet, and have siblings pick up their toys.

* Install safety gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs, and supervise your baby whenever he's on the stairs.

* Lock up all potentially harmful household substances.

note: I bring my daughter to large space without any furniture and lets her learn walk herself. e.g. I bring Amalya in Mydin Melaka.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wonderpets Television Series

My daughter (Amalya) really like this television series. May be because its a musical and sing-song television series.

The show's main characters are three elementary school classroom pets — Linny the Guinea Pig, Turtle Tuck, and Ming-Ming Duckling. They are presented as a trio of heroes who rescue baby animals as they demonstrate the benefits of teamwork.

Each episode follows a similar structure, with some variation, in terms of the storyline and the musical form.

As each episode begins, viewers hear the school children, off-screen, leaving school at the end of the day. They say goodbye to the classroom pets. Once the classroom is vacant, a pencil holder rattles to create the ringing of a tin can telephone. Often, the classroom will be decorated with student artwork or other items related to the storyline, particular animal or geographic location of that episode. One by one, the classroom pets wordlessly notice the ringing phone. Up to this point in the episode, they have acted like normal animals and not said a single word. But as the phone rings, the Wonder Pets get dressed (Linny in a orange-yellow cap, Ming-Ming in a leather pilot's helmet, Tuck in a white French sailor's cap and blue water shoes on his back feet) and make their way towards the phone (Linny dropping through a hole hidden under her food bowl and landing on a toy horse, Ming-Ming opening a hidden door in the wiring of her cage and then flying out, Tuck diving into the water in his tank and emerging in the classroom sink) while singing their opening verses:

Linny: "The phone, the phone is ringing!"
Ming-Ming: "The phone, we'll be wight there!"
Tuck: "The phone, the phone is ringing!"
Linny: "There's an animal in trouble..."
Ming-Ming: "There's an animal in twouble..."
Tuck: "There's an animal in trouble somewhere!"

The Wonder Pets answer the phone and find that an animal is in trouble somewhere. Linny explains the situation to the other two. When the situation is clear, they sing:

Tuck: "A baby [animal]
[In the specific peril.]"
Ming-Ming: "This is se-wious!"
Tuck: "We have to help him/her"
Linny: "Let's save the [animal]!"
Tuck and Ming-Ming or All then All: "Let's save the [animal]!"

They all jump into a box filled with fabric scraps and jump back out, wearing various different outfits, often alluding to the area of the world they will be visiting. They make a quick joke then jump back into the box and emerge in their Wonder Pets capes.

Linny: "Linny,"
Tuck: "Tuck,"
Ming-Ming: "And Ming-Ming, too!"
All: "We're Wonder Pets and we'll help you!"

They assemble a flying toy sail boat called "The Flyboat" from classroom objects: a frisbee for a body, magic marker caps as rocket exhausts, a marble, wheels, the mast, and a sheet of paper for the sail. As they work, they sing:

Linny: "What's gonna work?"
Tuck and Ming-Ming or All: "Teamwork!"
Linny: "What's gonna work?"
Tuck and Ming-Ming or All: "Teamwork!"

Usually, the Wonder Pets encounter some sort of obstacle before leaving the classroom. The solution is invariably similar to the action they will need to take to save the animal in trouble. Then they rush off to the rescue, singing:

All: "Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way
To help a baby [animal] and save the day!"
Ming-Ming: "We're not too big,"
Tuck: "And we're not too tough,"
All: "But when we work together we've got the right stuff!
Go, Wonder Pets! Yay!"

When saving the animal, the Wonder Pets often fail on the first few attempts. Then the danger escalates, prompting Ming-Ming to once again sing, "This is se-wious!" Suddenly, the Wonder Pets remember how they solved the problem in the classroom and realize that the rescue has the same solution. Then they have to work together to achieve the rescue. They reprise their earlier song:

Linny: "Linny,"
Tuck: "Tuck,"
Ming-Ming: "And Ming-Ming, too."
All: "We're Wonder Pets and we'll help you!"
Linny: "What's gonna work?"
Tuck and Ming-Ming or All: "Teamwork!"
Linny: "What's gonna work?"
Tuck and Ming-Ming or All: "Teamwork!"

Once the animal is saved, a parent or other relation often comes out of nowhere to give grateful thanks to the Wonder Pets for saving its baby. The Wonder Pets celebrate with a celery snack, which the rescued animal's parent sometimes adds to with a bit of regional food, or they insist on a regional preparation. Then they fly back to the classroom, singing:

All: "Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We found a way
To help the baby [animal] and save the day!"
Ming-Ming: "We're not too big,"
Tuck: "And we're not too tough,"
All: "But when we work together we've got the right stuff!
Go, Wonder Pets! Yay!"

They wordlessly return to their cages until the next episode. The Flyboat smoothly disassembles by itself. Linny is always the last one to get back in her cage, and her cape and cap come off. The music style that has to do with the saving that day is played, as Linny takes a bite out of the celery in her cage and winks towards the camera as the closing credits begin, THE END.

source: wikipedia

Zuyyin From Sabah

Hi.. I'm Zuyyin.. I'm From Melaka but now stay in Keningau Sabah because my parent work here. I'll story about Keningau...

Keningau.... This sprawling timber and agricultural town district is located in the Interior Division of Sabah—Do you know, it is the largest and oldest district in Sabah’s interior part. The district consists of 43 mukims and approximately 245 villages. It is so big.

Do you know why we call Keningau?? Actually, its name from that of a Javanese cinnamon tree which grows abundantly in this area.

It was once one of the most important administration centers of the British in the early 1900s. During its occupation in World War II, the Japanese also utilized Keningau as one of its government centers.

"Fuh!! really tired to explain it."

Friday, June 5, 2009

When You Going Holiday With Your Children

Do u know animals in zoo was bring the massage...
  • peace and cool
  • protection and caring from parent,
  • sharing the food
  • Enjoy the life
  • Follow the rule
  • Know who are their guardian (zoo's assistant)
so, has a parent, we should bring our children holiday and give the message or input about the environment and place we going. I believe our children can learn something there. so, enjoy with your children as tourist and learn something new.

May be one of the best country to come is Malaysia and when you come Malaysia try stay in Melaka Hotel because Melaka have slogan
"Visit Melaka means Visit Malaysia".


Source : kosmo