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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hide Behind Water


Amalya and Mama

Amalya Playing in Swimming Pool

Friday, December 19, 2008

Treatment When Baby/Kids Falls

Based on My health portal, The treatment depends on the types and severity of the injuries.

If the child sustains minor injuries such as bruises and sprain, cold compress the area with ice. Give the child Paracetamol syrup to relieve pain. Rest the affected area.

If the child sustains cuts, clean the area with water, compress the wound with thumb for few minutes to stop bleeding and elevate it. Cover it with clean dressing.

If you suspect the child has a broken bone, splint the area with a blanket, thick cloth or pillow to avoid movement. Use a cloth sling for any broken bones of the upper limbs.
Check the bandaged areas to ensure normal blood circulation. If the skin becomes cold and discoloured, loosen the applied bandage.

If you suspect the child to have serious injuries, seek medical help.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What to do if your child chokes?

If child chokes ,

Wait for the cough.
Call for help.
Open mouth very gently - remove object only if you see it clearly.
If unsuccessful, slap the infant firmly 5 times between shoulder blades with the heel of your hand with the head held lower than the body

Do not sweep your finger blindly into child's mouth.
Do not pull neck backward.
If infant stops breathing and remains blue or unconscious, start Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) while waiting for expert help

Make the child stand if conscious.
Position yourself behind the child.
Perform Heimlich manouvre.

If child is unconscious : CPR

Your Baby Can't Sleep???

Last day i had problem with my baby. She cant sleep well.. so, i found the tips from my healthy portal how to help your baby sleep??

You can help your baby sleep by recognizing signs of sleep and providing the right environment for a comfortable and safe sleep.

  • Avoid overstimulation during nighttime feeds and diaper changes.
  • Try to keep lights low and the room quiet.
  • Most experts recommend allowing a baby to become sleepy in your arms, then placing him or her in the bed while still awake. This way the baby learns how to go to sleep on his own.
  • Playing soft music while your baby is getting sleepy is also a good way to help establish a bedtime routine.

The Better Sleep Pattern For Baby

Do you know??
The American Academy of Pediatrics, as part of its 'back-to-sleep' standard, recommends that healthy babies be placed on their backs to sleep, not on their stomachs or sides. The incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has decreased by 50% since that recommendation was introduced in 1992. The only exception to this rule would be babies with deformities of the head or those with large tongues which make them susceptible to develop airway obstruction when lying on their backs.
source: my healthy for life

Monday, December 15, 2008



Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day...

Please.. Make sure our children is not get HIV from us...

World AIDS Day...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Observance of Children's Day around the world

I get the source from and share here..


In Argentina, Children's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of August and it's known as Día del Niño.


Australia celebrates Children's Day on the 1st Sunday in July every year. Children's Day is a registered trade mark.[citation needed]

Universal Children's Day is celebrated on November 20th, and is not associated with Children's Day. This marks the day that Australia adopted this custom. Children's Day is not celebrated in a widespread manner in Australia.


In Bangladesh, Children's Day has not been celebrated in a manner that makes the community realise the importance of children's rights. However, on November 20 the Youth Change Makers (YCM) plans to inform people of Children Day by holding huge children competitions and fashion shows, although it is not be considered as a holiday.

In 1996-2000, the Government of Bangladesh observed national Children's Day on the birthday of the father of nation, Bangabandhu Shekh Mujibur Rahman on 20th March. But under the BNP regime from 2001 to 2006, this celebration was stopped and the country only observed Universal Children's Day, which was recognised by UNICEF.


Canada's "National Child Day" is held on November 20th each year as enacted in Bill C-371, otherwise known as the Child Day Act, by the Parliament of Canada in 1993 to fulfill Canada's commitment to the United Nations General Assembly's recommendation to observe a Universal Children's Day.Canadian Children's Rights Council It is not a holiday in Canada.

Central Africa

In Congo, Congo DR, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Chad, Central African Republic, São Tomé and Príncipe Children's Day is celebrated on December 25 to honour all the children there.


Children's Day is celebrated the second Sunday of August in Chile.


In Colombia Children's Day is celebrated in the last weekend of April.

Costa Rica

Children's day is celebrated on September 9 in Costa Rica.


Children's day is celebrated in Cuba on the third Sunday of July.

Czech Republic

The International Children's Day is celebrated on June 1.


Egypt celebrates every 20th november with fantastic festivals and games for children.

El Salvador

In El Salvador, Children's Day is celebrated on October 1.

Former and current Communist and Socialist countries

In Russia, as well as other former Soviet Union states, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, other former or current communist states, Albania, Angola, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Germany, Laos, Republic of Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Tanzania, Yemen, Children's Day is celebrated on June 1.

This list includes 25 countries which regained independence from USSR, seceded from Yugoslavia Federation, as well as Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia after their respective splits.


During the Cold War, Children's Day (Kindertag) was handled quite differently in West GermanyEast Germany. They were held on different dates in these two states. East Germany celebrated Children's Day on June 1 while West Germany celebrated it on September 20. The official names of Children's Day were also different. In East Germany, it was known as "International Children's Day" (Internationaler Kindertag), whereas in West Germany, it was called "World Children's Day" (Weltkindertag). and

The customs of Children's Day were also significantly different in West and East Germany. In East Germany, the holiday was introduced in 1950, and was from then held on a yearly basis for the children. On this day of the year, children would typically be congratulated and would receive presents from their parents and did special activities in school, such as field trips and the like. In West Germany, Children's Day did not have such meaning to the children, and was even mostly unknown to many people.

After the reunification of East and West Germany occurred in 1990, the date and name of the event used in the West have become the official ones for the former East as well. This however was not accepted by large parts of the former East German population. Most parents still celebrate Children's Day with their kids on the former date, June 1, and public events pertaining to Children's Day even take place on the old date.


In Guatemala, Children's Day is celebrated on October 1.

Hong Kong

Children's Day is celebrated on April 4 each year (the same day as the Republic of ChinaHong Kong SAR Government and the public after the handover in 1997, though this festival has not been a public holiday before the handover. [1], [2], [3] (Taiwan) since ROC established the Children's Day on April 4 in 1931. The ROC government combined Women’s Day with Children’s Day on April 4 in 1993, officially calling it Women’s and Children’s Day, making it a day for women, mothers, and children. The practice is still observed by both the


In 1931, Children's day started although then it was called Children's Week, but since 1950 it has only been a day technically the last Sunday in May. International childrens day is celebrated on the first Monday of October.


In India, Children's Day is celebrated on November 14 every year. This date marks the birth anniversary of independent India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Children's day is celebrated on this day in recognition of his lifelong fondness and work for children. He always regarded all children with affection and love, and was well known for being likeable to children.


Children's Day is celebrated on october 19.


Also known as the Day of Children's Safety, Children's Day is celebrated on 1 June.


In Malaysia, Children's Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of October annually. Primary schoolchildren normally go to school on this day to celebrate Children's Day. The schools that are involved would also organise numerous activities for their pupils.


In Mexico, Children's day is celebrated on the 30th of April. In Mexico it is also known as "EL Dia Del Nino".

New Zealand

Children's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of March each year in New Zealand. Children's Day provides New Zealanders with a special opportunity to spend time with their children, create positive memories, and take part in fun activities that start new traditions as well as continue old ones. The vision of Children's Day is to see children celebrated, nurtured and treasured by all.


Children's Day is celebrated on the 27th of May in Nigeria.

North Korea

North Korean Children's Day is celebrated on June 2 (국제 아동절). Before 1945, it was celebrated on May 1, but in 1945, it was changed to its current date.


In Pakistan, Children's Day is celebrated on November 20. There is no holiday on this day but it is observed by NGO working on Child Rights.There should be a holiday for children.We own our rights.

The electronic media in Pakistan broadcasts special programmes on this occasion. All the newspapers publish informative articles/features on this day.

Also, functions are organised in major cities of Pakistan.

Special assemblies will be held at schools.


In Peru, Children's Day is celebrated on August 17.


In Paraguay, Children's Day is celebrated on August 16, day of the infamous Battle of Acosta Ñu, where 20,000 thousand men of the Brazilian Army crushed a Paraguayan battle made up of 3,500 children ages six to fifteen - even though Paraguay had been already completely defeated (see more in War of the Triple Alliance). It's a national holiday, used to remember the atrocities the Brazilians committed during the five-year war.

People's Republic of China

In the People's Republic of China, Children's Day is celebrated on June 1 and is formally known as "the June 1st International Children's Day" (Simplified Chinese: 六一国际儿童节; pinyin: lìuyīguójì’értóngjié). When the People's Republic of China was first established in 1949, the State Council (Cabinet) designated a half-day holiday for all primary schools on June 1. This was later made into a full day's break in 1956 with The Announcement by the State Council to make June 1 Children's Day a One-Day Holiday[1]. Schools usually hold activities such as camping trips or free movies on Children's Day to allow students to have fun, and children of civil servants might also receive small gifts from the government. Entrance ceremonies of the Young Pioneers of China (similar to boy scouts in the West) are usually held on June 1 as well. However on June 1, 2008 the day was made even more memorable, as many people remembered the children who died in the earthquake just a few weeks before.


Children's Day (Dzień Dziecka, literally "child's day") is celebrated in Poland on June 1. The International Children's Day was introduced in Poland in 1952. It coincides with the beginning of summer and it is usually treated as a holiday, as it takes place near the end of the school year. Schools usually organize special activities for the day of the celebration, and the first week of June is a time of festivities organized in parks and entertainment centers for children. Parents usually buy small gifts for their children.

Portugal and former colonies

In Portugal, and also at some of its former colonies - Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Cape Verde, East Timor, Angola - the Children's Day is celebrated on June 1.


In Romania the Day is celebrated on June 1. This is a yearly highlight for the children. On this day, one typically receives congratulations and presents from one's parents and sometimes does special activities in school, such as field trips and the like.


October 1 is the day which Singapore officially celebrates Children's Day, a similar event celebrated every year is Youth Day which is celebrated on the first Sunday of July each year. Children in Singapore do not have to attend school on this day.


In Slovakia, the day is called International Children's Day and is celebrated on June 1. Children get a free entrance to a zoo and some other atractions.

South Korea

In South Korea, 5th of May is officially recognised as Children's Day.

Sri Lanka

Universal Children's Day is celebrated on the 1 October. In 2008, this day was a holiday because it coincided with Ramazan, a Muslim festival. In Sri Lanka, it is a custom to take children somewhere special on this day. In schools, children are given sweets, and in nursery's and Grades 1 and 2 presents, while at home, various delicacies are made, and presents are given.Some Children's Parks will be free for children on October 1st in Sri Lanka. In 2008, Peter Hayes, the British High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, hosted a party- a fun filled event complete with free rides, a magic show and food for over a hundred children from nearby orphanages and from the streets. They were given gifts as well.


The International Children's Day is celebrated on the first Monday in October, though there are very few actual celebrations.


The Republic of China (Taiwan) designates April 4 as Children's Day (traditional Chinese: 兒童節), pursuant to Article 5 of the Order to Implement Commemoration Days and Holidays.[2]April 4, 1993. Thus, the celebration is technically called Women’s and Children’s Day. Despite not being a legal holiday, schools often hold special activities in order to celebrate the occasion. Due to pressure from parents that demanded to accompany their children in the celebration, the ROC government recognized Women’s Day with Children’s Day on


Universal Children's Day is celebrated on the 1st Monday in October.


In Turkey, Children's Day has been celebrated on April 23rd since 1935. It originated from the first gathering of Grand National Assembly on April 23, 1920, during the Turkish Independence War.

After the Ottomans were defeated during World War I, Turkish land had been occupied by other European countries such as England, Italy and France. Ataturk, an Ottoman commander, broke his ties with the dying Empire and started the war for independence against Allied forces and the old Ottoman regime. After years of fighting Turkey won full independence.

Turks consider Ataturk to be "The Father of Modern Turkey". After the war, Ataturk refused the role of Sultan or King and established a modern Republic instead. He gifted April 23rd to the children for the country, so that they would cherish the independence that cost so much, but at the same time walk the path of "Peace at Home, Peace in the World"

On April 23rd children from around the world come to Turkey. They're hosted by families who have children of a similar age. Festivities last over a week and the visiting and Turkish children spend a lot of time together. Many children, often not even speaking the same language, create lifelong friendships. Several of the events are broadcast on television, showing the children in their traditional national outfits, dancing singing and exchanging gifts. The United Nations participates the events.

Every year on April 23rd, the seats of Parliament are held by children, and a child becomes President for a day. The child President delivers a speech on national television.


Children's Day (Ukrainian: День захисту дітей, literally "day of child's protection") is celebrated in Ukraine on June 1. It was introduced in Ukraine in 1998.

United States of America

Children’s Day observations in the United States predate both Mother’s and Father’s Day.

The celebration of a special Children’s Day in America dates from the 1860s and earlier.

In 1856, Rev. Charles H. Leonard, D.D., then pastor of the First Universalist Church of Chelsea, Mass., set apart a Sunday for the dedication of children to the Christian life, and for the re-dedication of parents and guardians to bringing-up their children in Christian nurture. This service was first observed the second Sunday in June.[3]

The Universalist Convention at Baltimore in September, 1867, passed a resolution commending churches to set apart one Sunday in each year as Children’s Day.[4]

The Methodist Episcopal Church at the Methodist Conference of 1868 recommended that second Sunday in June be annually observed as Children’s Day.[4]

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1883 designated the “the second Sabbath in June as Children’s Day.”[5]

Also in 1883, the National Council of Congregational Churches and nearly all the state bodies of that denomination in the United States passed resolutions commending the observance of the day. About this time many other denominations adopted similar recommendations.[4]

Chase’s Calendar of Events cites Children’s Sunday and notes that The Commonwealth of Massachusetts issues an annual proclamation for the second Sunday in June.

Numerous churches and denominations currently observe the second Sunday in June including the African Methodist Episcopal Church[6] and the Church of the Nazarene[7].

Children's Day, was proclaimed by President Bill Clinton in October 2000. He declared that it be held on October 8th.

"National Child's Day" was proclaimed by the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, as June 3, 2001 and in subsequent years on dates in early June. In 2003, he proclaimed June 1. In 2004, he proclaimed June 6th. In 2005, he proclaimed June 5th. In 2006, he proclaimed June 4th. In 2007, he proclaimed June 3rd. The White House Proclamation by the President of the United States of America, 2001

Nowhere in any of the proclamations did the President refer to the United Nations or the UN Resolution about Universal Child Day. It is important to note that The United States of America is one of only two countries in the world that have not ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. As of November 2007, 193 countries have ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, (UNCRC). The only other country that has not ratified the UNCRC is Somalia. United States position on the UNCRC

In 2007, Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich issued a proclamation proclaiming the second Sunday in June as Children's Day. The mayors of Aurora and Batavia, Illinois, also issued proclamations.[8]

source : wikipedia



Children's Day was first celebrated worldwide in October 1953, under the sponsorship of International Union for Child Welfare in Geneva. The idea of a Universal Children's Day was mooted by Rubab Mansoor grade 8(a student of IGSC)and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954.

Universal Children's Day takes place on November 20 annually. First proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954, it was established to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world's children. It was also chosen as the day to celebrate childhood.

November 20 is also the anniversary of the day when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. The Convention on the Rights of the Child was then signed on the same day in 1989, which has since been ratified by 191 states.

Source :

Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Toys 02

Obama Toys 01

Obama Baby Shirt 03

Obama Baby Shirt 02

Obama Baby Shirt 01

Monday, November 3, 2008


Friday, October 31, 2008


Thursday, October 30, 2008


a children asks a mother, "What is love?"

The mother said, "In order to answer your question, go to the padi field and choose the biggest padi and come back. But the rule is: you can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick."

The children went to the field, go thru first row, he saw one big padi, but he wonders....may be there is a bigger one later. Then he saw another bigger one... but may be there is a even bigger one waiting for him. Later, when he finished more than half of the padi field, he start to realise that the padi is not as big as the previous one he saw, he know he has missed the biggest one, and he regretted !!!! So, he ended up went back to the mother with empty hand.

The mother told him, "This is love... you keep looking for a better one, but when later you realise, you have already missed the person."




One day, one baby will born in the world.

He asking the god : “All of angels said u will send me to the world today, how I want live there? I’m so small and weak”

And God answer : “I have choose one angel for u. She will take care and love you”

A baby asking again : “but here, in this heaven, i’m just singing, playing and laughing. That’s enough to make me happy”

God answer : Your angel will singing, playing and smile for you everyday. And you will feel warmth of her love and you will happiest.

“I hear that in the world have bad people. So, who will protect me?”

“Don’t worry, your angel will protect you with her soul and life

“But i’m so sad because can’t see you anymore”

“Your angel will story about me and teach you how to you can back to me in this heaven; but believe I will always near with you”

“God, I know I must go now. May you tell me what is my angel name?”

“You will call her… “MOTHER”

p/s: special thanks to my mum.. Zainah Dawi and my daughter's mum .... mazliyana

Monday, October 13, 2008


"hey, I'M FREE now"

"so, i can stay on amalya's body again now"

"oh oh.. amalya... what you want to do??"

"Please no amalya.. please"

"oh nooooooooooooooo"

Friday, October 10, 2008


"hey, my name is pink hyppo. i want disturb amalya now"

"hahaha.. yeah.. i can stand on amalya's head"

"oh oh. no amalya.. please forgive me"

"hey, what are you want to do?"

"arggghh.. please let me out from your under body.. please amalya"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hmmm.. Delicious

Hmmm.. Delicious 

Cute Little Girl

Little Kid Not Scare To Swimming

"mum, i'm not scare the water or swimming pool." 

Playing in the Water

Make your little kid brave to swimming. Tips???

  • Swim together with her
  • Put her in buoy or float
  • Play with her use the water
  • Playing something in the water
  • make a story with her in the water

Baby Sleepy

"Oh my god, i'm so sleepy.. where my mum??"


Cheerful Baby..

If you feel happy, clap your hand..
If you feel happy, clap your hand..
If you feel happy and this is the way..
If you feel happy, clap your hand.. 

Me and my angel. That's my mum...

"wow. its look like i'm in my mums body.. hehehe"

"i like this cloths mum because i can hide from my dad near the trees.. hohoho"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tips about your baby

  • If your baby keeps turning her head towards you when you hold he, may be she is hungry.
  • Please check her symptoms of illness. usually.. raised temperature, perspiration, shallow breathing, diarrhea, lack of interest in feeds, vomiting, rashers or an unusual skin colour. Please check with your doctor
  • If your baby thrashers her arms and legs around, may be she in pain. check her body to see anything in her back or in her cloths.
  • If your baby draws her legs up and goes red in the face when she's crying. May be she suffering from colic and have a build up of wind in her tummy or bowel.
source : Mother & baby Magazine, September 2008

Tips to handle your baby cry

Sometime we are haven't idea why our baby cry.. i have some tips for you

1. Check your baby if she uncomfortable in a dirty diaper
2. Make sure your baby in comfort environment . Not too cool or hot or noisy.
3. Make sure she not due in feed or sleep.
4. May be she want you pick up her and please give her your love hug. She will feel safe with you.
5. After that take her go around your house. Show her flowers, animals or tree
5. Trying give her a massage and talk slowly to her. But dont forget to give her your smile

Friday, September 19, 2008


6 - 12 MONTHS

  • by 7 months her forefinger and thumb will be more flexible and she can pick up small things.
  • between 6 - 12 months, she will gain more control of her muscles.
  • Her brain growing and help her to control a large muscles.
  • You'll start see her crawl, sit alone steadily and she'll able to pull herself up to a standing position.

source : Mother and baby magazine

to be continue in part three.


Fun Time

  • Read Story Together – fuel fantasy by introducing your childs to unfamiliar lands and people. But you must encourage your childs to make his own ending.
  • Make Up Stories – read the book and make your childs as main character of the story.
  • Enjoy Their Artwork – please leave your child draw or coloring the picture as his want.
  • Make Music – Listen Music and encourage singing, dancing or playing homade or toy instrument. Please record in Handycam.
  • Use The Net – together with your child to explore internet. Find out interesting picture or amazing flower.

Source : ‘Mother & Baby Magazine’


0 - 6 months
  • A newborn baby's skeleton is made of 300 bones at birth. As she grows, some of her bones fuse together to make bigger bones and by adulthood, her skeleton will have 206 bones
  • By 4 months she will able to lift up her head on her own.
  • at around 6 months look out your baby's first tooth. In this time, she will usual bite something. Usually, the first ones will appearance the centre of bottom two incisors. After that follow by two above. By 2 years old, her tooth will have grown 20 milk teeth.


source : Mother and baby magazine

Baby and Bicycle

Hey, pa.. why u put your hand on my bicycle??

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby like angels

Baby like an angel to every parents. When she smile.. u feel something without words in your heart. I thinks all of parents feeling that. so, please appreciate your children because they are everything to your.

Cute Little Kid


Pity of my little kid

"It's look like everybody ignored me"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fueling Your Child's with Creative Flame

1 ) Play.. play... play - Yeah.. Its really help

2) Go on a wacky walk - bring your child and talk to your neighbours or everybody

3) Dress-up for fun. - come let's childs get a fun and full creative with the cloths

4) Make music - turn on your radio and get out your kitchen equipment as music instruments.

5) Get messy - get the giant paper. then get out glue, color, scissors, old magazine or everything and lets them do what they want. but make sure they in safe mode.

6) Enjoy a good book - reading the books and sends his imagination into overdrive.

7) Have a silly contest - Challenge your child to draw strangest animals or cats or something.

8) Tell Tall tales - e.g. "What are his doing if his get 1 million dollars?"

9) Play along with your child's

10) Encourage exploration

11) Have a fun and a sense of humour

12) Offer but do not pressure

13) celebrate your childs creativity

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Golden Words

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy ~

Spend Your Time With Your Children

"I'm swimming"

"me too"

"yeah! thanks to my father and mother because bring us to Sunway Lagoon"


Who's that little girl?

"Hey.. my name is Nina"

"you look so small.."

"I want to fly like superman"

Baby on Board